Mind First Psychology and Counselling in Miranda

At Mind First Psychology and Counselling in Miranda it is understood that seeing a psychologist or counsellor for the first time might be a little overwhelming and that you probably have 101 questions you’d like answering.

The first session with our Psychologist, as with all sessions, will be a two way process. Each of us will have a different role:

Your role

First and foremost you will have the opportunity to talk about your individual circumstances and secondly for you to get to know more about Katy, her role and how the process might work for you. Hopefully some of those 101 questions will be answered. It’s important that you feel comfortable letting Katy in to your life at this stage.

The Psychologist's role

To get to know you and your situation, hopefully making things seem a little less overwhelming. To enable an understanding of how things are for you at this time in your life there will be some questions. Answering these will be entirely at your pace with no pressure to say anything you are not ready to. It is understood how daunting it can be telling someone you have just met all about yourself.


From the information discussed, together you and Katy will create a personalised goal list and management plan, which will guide future sessions.